Tis the season and toys have arrived. The new Quatro and Goya wave boards are in. Styled graphics and epic performance I’m proud of the crew that worked together to bring this to life. If you haven’t tried a quad or thruster yet I highly recommend it, you won’t regret it.


Thrusters and friends….

The season started with a bang.   With help from a few friends and a new camera I’ll be posting back to back vids now.  This short vid is dedicated to my bro Luke who broke his leg in the middle of one of these sessions.  He’s an insane rider and has been the biggest influence in my windsurfing.


Making history

Our boy Felix will be jumping from outer space very soon.  I know RedBull even worked with NASA for this project.

I’m not entirely sure why people have to do these things but then again why not?    You know he’s gonna have moment when opens that door and see’s the Earth’s curve and makes a conscious decision to let go.  That would be kind of rad.  Let’s let him do it first then maybe they’ll have charged tours next lol.