Here’s the new Banzai and it looks tasty! This is the fire red signature line with the new carbon Goya boom now available.

Get ready for a new season it’s go time!


Ready for winter!


You are the Ocean….

Here’s a track for your sunday evening. ¬†Great driving song.,

We ate here one night because our safe spot was closed. In Baja there’s alot of rolling the dice sometimes you come out clean sometimes you punk the whole way home(sorry Bant). We were like 12 dudes on this trip so we overwhelmed these taco stands asking for 30 tacos and 30 beers on the spot lol. Also on another note I’m receiving my first video camera which will serve up some fresh vids.


Mission accomplished

Two weeks in the desert lots of tacos and a couple good swells.. We finished the AWT desert showdown in good fashion with some insane riding from all the boys. I was able to snag a first place finish thank you Keith for making me such an awesome board!