Thomas Traversa rules!!

Thomas Traversa in Wind Mag…

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It’s that time of the year when the new toys arrive.   It’s fun to see the creative process come together with the final product.  I rode the new LS quad and thruster boards yesterday and had a blast.  Very happy on the colors, the feel, the performance and to know that what I rode the other day is what everyone everywhere can enjoy very soon!  The graphics are wild and flashy and stand out on the water.  We also spiced up the sails which I like.  This red has always been my favorite color and I’ve been begging to bring it back and now it’s here!  Let me know your thoughts..


Love this vid!

Don’t ever think there’s one way to do anything.  Short board surfing has dominated popular culture but people are breaking out in new ways to rip and see the ocean.  It’s nice to see something fresh for a change.


Dream about me….

I must be going through a Moby stage lately.  I love this track.

Heck ya!

Get fired up!!

Stoked on this video makes me what to go windsurf!!



Jimmie Hepp photo Sequence

Stoked on this sequence from Jimmie thanks bud.  Pretty cool how dedicated Mr. Hepp is. He does what he does because he loves the sport.  I wonder if windsurfing would’ve been bigger if there were more people like him pushing it.


Kai Lenny’s New Internet Show

Here’s Kai Lenny’s new internet show.  I’m proud of Kai for what he’s doing on the water it’s an inspiration.  Some serious wipeouts on here too.

Hopefully next season will have more Jaw’s days I miss the rush..