Dario Ojeda

I always found Dario interesting on and off the water..  At first glance you might think he’s a hard character but he’s really friendly and he’s always been kind to me when I went to  Gran Canaria..  It’s inspiring to see someone so passionate and dedicated to windsurfing.   Dario if you read this give us some more action footage and I’ll post it up!



Dario Ojed – Windsport Article.



Learning New Tricks

Not sure what I’m doing on the water these days but I told myself I’m learning new tricks no matter what. Even if they look a little weird sometimes haha..


Jam session

Pretty cool and creative idea.  Hope you like it..


Lost and found..

I just found this lost edit.   Cody Carter who edited most of TWM 2 did a mock up edit that never saw the light of day.  We never used it in the film but I like the way it flows.  There’s a few shots I didn’t like that we used to fill space since we were still filming at the time.  Check out the fire shot we almost melted the camera on that one..



The new season..

I’ve never really been the one to promote something I don’t believe in or ride something that doesn’t work..  I saw next year’s line at headquarters today and to put it simple I was stoked!   The graphics and design are a culmination of many dedicated years.   I love working with these guys it’s not about promoting some product but more about the creative process of working together to make the sport more fun for everyone.   I can’t wait to ride the new stuff but Lalo say’s I have to wait until photo shoot time :(…  Until then I’m putting a new vid up soon so stay tuned!

Not sure what’s going on here



Fun Times

Here’s my segment in the new release “Walls of Perception.” Some fun Jaws waves and a few rides from The Marshall Islands. Hope everyone enjoys.

Sit back and relax

I haven’t listened to Moby’s Play album in years and I must say it’s even better then I remember.

New Film free download.

Here’s the last project I worked on ‘Walls of Perception”. Check it out and send me your comments.


Check this link for the free download:

Trick flick

One hitter..