January teaser more to come!

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I will have a short video available very soon of a few sessions this January.
Thank you guys for your support and please send your comments it will encourage me to build some more content.

Arcade Fire

Pretty cool how a husband and wife duo of Win Butler and RĂ©gine Chassagne leads Arcade Fire. The Canadian band also boasts five other members. I would say they are the heavy weights of the Indie scene in my opinion. Their range of music style’s and album concepts our always original. The music isn’t always attractive first listen but then grows with a mighty force. Those are always my favorite albums the ones that grow on you and become a close friend.

3.00 bucks

You know your not in Maui when you can get a bagel and coffee for 3.00 bucks. Thank you Oregon for showing us a good time. Never thought I would enjoy being back on the contest scene but the AWT has a great vibe and the venues are awesome. Thank you Sam Bittner for your dedication to this sport.


Wide Open for now.

This is sacred land for me it’s where I clear my mind and get away from everything and everyone. Unfortunately this land has been sold all the way from the light house up to Peahi basically a whole coast. In Hawaii it breaks your heart when this happens. It’s the same story replayed over and over again. Lands bought a massive house is erected and access is blocked off. If I was rich I would buy this land and preserve it instead of building some ego mansion and getting angry when someone wants to walk through your 50 acre back yard.


Oxbow gift

I’ve been opening my closet for months now expecting some secret shirt to appear that I don’t know about. I guess that happens when you need some new clothes! Just in time Oxbow’s new line appears on my door step for Aloha Friday stoked!!!


My favorite place


Its spreading like wildfire and in my opinion the best healthy grinds around. I don’t wanna give away the location because it’s already getting crowded. I’ll give a hint for those that don’t know already the drink is made from fermented tea and there’s a lazy dog always laying out front.

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

Here’s a track from another New York indie band. New York seems to brew this art rock. The band name Yeah Yeah Yeah’s is from a modern New York City vernacular. We had a go at licensing some their music but we found out their headache to license so we gave up. New York snobs

All I Can… Best Film

All I Can.. Ski film cleans up receiving best film at X-Dance beating Art of Flight. Walls of Perception had one nomination. We will come back strong with TWM 3 and blow some minds!!


Awards in a few hours

At 7:00 tonight will find out if Minds Wide Open or Walls of Perception wins an award. Seeing windsurfing next to these other sports on the screen I must say it holds it’s own. Saw a killer kayak movie just amazing waterfall drops just sick. I have a new found respect for kayaking!