Photo of the day

Can’t imagine what’s going through that guys head. I’m sure self preservation is on top of the list.


Spike the stereo

Haven’t heard much of their new album here’s “Lonely Boy” The Black Keys. These guys play hard and they play in honor of the bluesy south which is some of my favorite music. The kind where you pour out all that hate and love in those instruments. Nothing’s too perfect but there’s character and soul in that old stuff we just don’t get today. This track sound’s a little more poppy but whatever they already have a catalog of great stuff. The random guy has some nice moves I must say.


Not sure if it’s been the conditions lately but I’ve struggled with motivation. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break and clear your mind and then come back with a fresh outlook. This was a fun little session with just a few friends out. Mark inspired me to start hucking some 360’s. I so him stomp a filthy one then got barreled and snapped his mast. Gotta love Mark for never saying no on the water. I like that approach and I always try to push myself in that why to conquer fears and doubts. Sometimes it’s more a mind game but that’s the thrill and the rush of the ocean.

Rekindle the Fire

For those passionate about film and the beauty of windsurfing I would like give a little something for 2012. Nothing in writing yet but TWM 3 has it’s creative juices flowing and if all goes well buckle those seat belts were in for a ride!



Been a good few years for us at Quatro but next years line is gonna be a hammer! I’m so proud of the new line and we have a few secrets up our sleeve can’t wait!


Red Bull Records.

Red Bull Records was launched in 2007. Headed by ex marketing manager of Atlantic Records David Burrier and Red Bull’s innovative approach I’m sure well be seeing magic from their Santa Monica studio. Of recent they have five bands under their label but I’m sure that number will go up. Here’s a track from their new promising band AWOLNATION which has been picking up some serious recognition lately.

Finally a session


Brawzino and I scored a little session in between the rain storms. There’s been alot of hopeful sessions gone to crap lately but I guess that’s the way she goes. The rain has been relentless lately I’m going to buy an umbrella tomorrow. Anybody that resides in Haiku can tell you about the constant downfall. Trying to line up a filmer and good session lately has been a headache but my first web edit is on the way soon.
Stay tuned!

Day trip

Took a day trip to Oahu with Matt Meola and Kai Lenny for a shop signing at Oxbow’s new corner at Hawaii Water Sports.



Sometimes my soul just longs for substance. I love the progression that rock and electronic has developed over the years. From bands like The Black Keys to MGMT it’s been a resurgence of greatness I guess. Maybe not as great as my parents generation with names like Dylan, Stones, and Hendrix to boot but something to be proud of at least. Let’s get back to that longing of the soul. Underneath it all we are all spiritual creatures on a journey of our own. I guess it’s easy to forget that were here for reasons beyond our understanding. Country music has a way of reminding me.

Travel light

Check in at the airport will be punishment.