The right curves

Do outlines get any better?



Here’s Muller having a blast making it look way to easy…


Smooth as butter

Being a pro rider for over a decade I find that it’s really important to keep the fire burning.   Windsurfing for me is more an imaginative experience then anything.  The younger you keep your mind the more creative and free you become.  That freedom is a healthy addiction and something everyone needs in their own way.   We all have those that have influenced us in some particular way.  It would be obvious if I said Kelly Slater which he is the best surfer in the world but Nicolus Muller has inspired me more then anyone.  All you need to do is watch this guy snowboard and you’ll see the magic.

I’ll load some more riding segments of him later.






The last time I felt this moved by a film was back in Terje Haakosen’s “Subjeck Haakosen” in the early 90’s. Life Cycles and especially this scene gave me that same feeling that is more valuable then gold “inspiration”. The perfect blend of motion and music creating a visual masterpiece.

Watch the full res version and pump the music! If you want to buy this film it’s on Itunes under Life Cycles.

Empty fields

Pineapples grow wild in the fields behind my house now that the A&B has canceled their crops. They start out like flowers then grow into one of the sweetest fruits on Earth. Pretty cool


Graham in Japan

I’ve been to Japan 6 times in my life. I love the people and their open arm hospitality. Graham captured that feeling well in this piece.

Liquid halfpipes from Heaven

I just stumbled upon this video a few days ago and absolutely love it.  It’s a highly under rated piece of art that needs to be shared.   Great song and a great rider sailing his heart out.   Josh could ride this wave blind and still match his turns with the lip everytime.  I could easily say the greatest moments of my life have been riding this liquid half pipe called Punta Preta.







The Black Keys

Thank the good Lord there’s still real bands playing real music out there. All this over produced MTV bubble gum crap music is making my brain melt. I feel the mainstream is being spoon fed their music like it’s some kind of product.

Storm surf

So far a fun weekend. Stormy east swell with gusty wind but fun. I’m working on getting some video for next upload so stay tuned..


Future Islands

Have no clue what’s going on in this video but I love the track. Has that Iggy pop sound with a little indie frosting on top.