Matt & Albee

Here’s a vid of two of my favorite surfers Matt and Albee. This is skate surfing at it’s finest which is pure eye candy to watch. Both these guys live on Maui and I share sessions with them all the time when I windsurf. There’s a mutual respect which is cool to see from this new generation. Matt is also an Oxbow rider which I was proud to see happen. We worked on a film together Walls of Perception which is scheduled for a spring 2012 launch on the website. Check it out and enjoy..

Let the games begin.

RedBull DJ battles Honolulu


Kai Lenny joins JOB

Classic Kai’s joining Jamie what a show!


Happening right now

This is for real JOB is going stand up at Pipe asking me what he should do with the paddle when he drops in. I just told him some random stuff since I have no idea lol. He’s crazy..


Over worked

After living multiple life’s like Johny you would be tired too. Juggling skiing, surfing and windsurfing from one airplane to the other I don’t know how he does it.


Go time

Gonna test this bad boy out tomorrow!
Johny Decesare is flying in for a little jam session. If things materialize I’ll have an edit soon. Stay tuned!


Technical Difficulties

Alright we had some technical issues with the server but were life again! Looks like some unique condition ahead of us and I’m hoping for another session piece here very soon.. Aloha to all you guys that check the site and give me support means alot to me.

January teaser more to come!

Check back..

I will have a short video available very soon of a few sessions this January.
Thank you guys for your support and please send your comments it will encourage me to build some more content.