Back to power

Shaving down on the wide points on my boards and really liking the results. Working on more speed and deeper bottom turns. Hopefully with these new MFC flex fins some doors will open up out there. Basically going back to power sailing with a new school twist would be a nice combination of where we are with things.



Here’s our latest vid from this winter. Brawzino and I have been working hard on our gear learning how to keep our progression moving forward. Surfing has been a huge influence on our windsurfing and I know there’s so much room to push. 87334600

Lunch time


Photo of the week

Classic photo!  The Goonies meets windsurfing!!

Mixing Styles

Ok, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted last.  After three weeks of glassy surfing the trades have finally returned. No complaints the surfing was so fun. I’ve had a few minor injuries that kept me off the water but the trades are back and I’m feeling good!   This vid was laying on a hard drive for weeks but it’s up now.  Just a short one with Brawzy and myself having some fun..  He’s riding a quad and I’m riding a thruster in this vid and it’s great to see both options flowing good in their own ways.  I really like Brawzies style  it’s fluid and powerful good combo to have…





Thrusters and friends….

The season started with a bang.   With help from a few friends and a new camera I’ll be posting back to back vids now.  This short vid is dedicated to my bro Luke who broke his leg in the middle of one of these sessions.  He’s an insane rider and has been the biggest influence in my windsurfing.


Making history

Our boy Felix will be jumping from outer space very soon.  I know RedBull even worked with NASA for this project.

I’m not entirely sure why people have to do these things but then again why not?    You know he’s gonna have moment when opens that door and see’s the Earth’s curve and makes a conscious decision to let go.  That would be kind of rad.  Let’s let him do it first then maybe they’ll have charged tours next lol.



The last swell was amazing.  It was tricky because of the closeouts but if you waited for good one it payed off.   I’ve been spending alot of time on the thrusters with new rockers and fins.  There’s a big future in board and fin design that will happen in the next year.  I can feel a new forefront at our fingertips.



This is the first big swell Maui has had in 5 to 6 months.   Happy I landed this hit otherwise I would’ve been smoked.  That section was heavy.