Thrusters and friends….

The season started with a bang.   With help from a few friends and a new camera I’ll be posting back to back vids now.  This short vid is dedicated to my bro Luke who broke his leg in the middle of one of these sessions.  He’s an insane rider and has been the biggest influence in my windsurfing.


Thomas Traversa rules!!

Thomas Traversa in Wind Mag…

check it out here




Love this vid!

Don’t ever think there’s one way to do anything.  Short board surfing has dominated popular culture but people are breaking out in new ways to rip and see the ocean.  It’s nice to see something fresh for a change.


Dario Ojeda

I always found Dario interesting on and off the water..  At first glance you might think he’s a hard character but he’s really friendly and he’s always been kind to me when I went to  Gran Canaria..  It’s inspiring to see someone so passionate and dedicated to windsurfing.   Dario if you read this give us some more action footage and I’ll post it up!



Dario Ojed – Windsport Article.



Fun Times

Here’s my segment in the new release “Walls of Perception.” Some fun Jaws waves and a few rides from The Marshall Islands. Hope everyone enjoys.

Matt & Albee

Here’s a vid of two of my favorite surfers Matt and Albee. This is skate surfing at it’s finest which is pure eye candy to watch. Both these guys live on Maui and I share sessions with them all the time when I windsurf. There’s a mutual respect which is cool to see from this new generation. Matt is also an Oxbow rider which I was proud to see happen. We worked on a film together Walls of Perception which is scheduled for a spring 2012 launch on the www.oxboworld.com website. Check it out and enjoy..

January teaser more to come!

The Windsurfing Movie II Official Trailer


The Windsurfing Movie II

Building on the award winning success of The Windsurfing Movie (2007), Poor Boyz Productions gives a glimpse into the future of windsurfing through the eyes of Red Bull athlete Levi Siver.

X-Dance Film Festival ‘Best Director’ winner Johnny DeCesare and water-cinematographer Jace Panebianco, spent three years in production and filmed in seven countries in search of windsurfing’s new frontier.

The Windsurfing Movie II expands on the story lines of The Windsurfing Movie with legendary Red Bull riders Jason Polakow, Robby Naish and featuring 16-year-old phenom Kai Lenny.

Through interactions with windsurfing’s rich cast of characters, Levi Siver learns that sometimes you have to go further afield to find the best wind and waves–and to eventually find the best in yourself.

Now Available on DVD at poorboyzstore.com


Building on the success of the 2010 release, The Watermen Experience, Oxbow and Poor Boyz Productions team up again for this year’s film: WALLS OF PERCEPTION.

The new production presents 7 amazing riders surfing different spots around the world, before bringing them together in one unique place: the Marshall Islands

More information on facebook: facebook.com/​#!/​event.php?eid=204835059538510


Peahi, Maui 15th March 2011


One of the sickest days this season at Jaws…