You are the Ocean….

Here’s a track for your sunday evening.  Great driving song.,

I wish I was at this show!

Dream about me….

I must be going through a Moby stage lately.  I love this track.

Heck ya!

Jam session

Pretty cool and creative idea.  Hope you like it..


Sit back and relax

I haven’t listened to Moby’s Play album in years and I must say it’s even better then I remember.


I’ve always liked this Brooklyn band. Not exactly a radio friendly band their songs are very experimental but I love that.

Moby vs Adele

Arcade Fire

Pretty cool how a husband and wife duo of Win Butler and Régine Chassagne leads Arcade Fire. The Canadian band also boasts five other members. I would say they are the heavy weights of the Indie scene in my opinion. Their range of music style’s and album concepts our always original. The music isn’t always attractive first listen but then grows with a mighty force. Those are always my favorite albums the ones that grow on you and become a close friend.

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

Here’s a track from another New York indie band. New York seems to brew this art rock. The band name Yeah Yeah Yeah’s is from a modern New York City vernacular. We had a go at licensing some their music but we found out their headache to license so we gave up. New York snobs